Senior Design Project

Five person team designing and fabricating a three-wheel RC car. I designed the power train and used the machine shop to fabricate a few parts of our vehicle.

Wing Design

Four person team designing a wing to a set specification. I programmed a variation of the Monte Carlo Method into Matlab to create and optimize the structural design of our wing. I had to take into consideration variables such as location of spars and ribs and determine necessary wall thicknesses to withstand the required shear stresses, bending moments, and forces exerted throughout the structure.

Sample Return Mission to Mars

Within this twelve person team I cooperated with another teammate on trajectory analysis, and I focused on spacecraft propulsion systems and launch vehicle specifications. I calculated the required change in velocity from Earth to Mars and back again. This allowed for the quantification of fuel and thrust needed to be attained by a combination of launch vehicles, and chemical and ion propulsion systems. Thus, I could properly size the nozzles and fuel tanks.

Commercial Supersonic Transport (SST)

This project was the design of a SST for the 2030 to 2040 time frame. I worked on engine design, which was based on material advances planned to be available during the time period. I calculated performance, thrust, fuel consumption, and designed the necessary intakes with supersonic inlets inspired by the XB-70 and SR-71. Extensively using Matlab, I formulated a flight regime that would permit a theoretical 9000 nautical mile range and Mach 2 cruise capabilities. This six person team finally presented the designs to the professor and class.

Sustainable Design: Vacuum + Leaf Blower = V-Flower

In this project oriented class, my teammates and I developed a multifunctional device replacing both the vacuum and leaf blower. Our goal was to design a product with minimal environmental impact when measured from cradle to grave. We accomplished this by combining two separate products that are closely related. This created fewer overall parts, and we took into consideration ease of assembly and disassembly for the sake of recyclability. I was in charge of financial comparisons of materials that can be used and finding appropriate sustainable manufacturing processes. I used the Okala standard via Sustainable Minds software to enhance the design of our product.

Technology Management: Entrepreneurship - Renewable Energy Business Plan

Individuals would pitch a product or service idea to the rest of the class. Students would then form teams around the ideas that stood out against the others. I attracted enough interest from fellow classmates to form a team around my idea. I took the role of a mock CEO, leading a group of four in writing a business plan around an innovative small scale wind turbine concept for urban application. I coordinated the team to perform market analysis via SAS, provide marketing and sales solutions, manage possible risks, and prepare a five year financial plan.