RSA Animate - The Divided Brain

Psychiatrist Iain McGilchrist's discusson on the left and right hemispheres of the brain are visualized by the RSA.

Storeface Elevator Pitch at Philly Startup Weekend

I attended Philly Start-up Weekend and pitched an idea. Even though my idea wasn't picked, it was an amazing experience that put my design research skills to the test. Watch the video for my pitch, more blog posts to follow.

Design Charrette 2011: The ShareBox Experience

This past week the industrial design department at UArts came together for three days to design, eat, and play. We broke into groups, undergrads and grads mingling. My group decided to design a system that provides communities with the ability to ShareBox. ShareBox would be located on street corners and would allow for people to place reusable items into them for the entire community to use. For example, people could put chairs, lamps, tables, tools, etc. Essentially, it's like car share for household objects and products. Watch the video to experience the story of ShareBox.

Show Me The Smiles

Beginning my research on interactive digital art and its impact on urban foot traffic, I prototyped and observed people reacting to Show Me The Smiles. As people walked by and looked at the screen, their faces were replaced with obscenely large smiley faces. Some people stopped to play and photograph themselves with a smiley face. Others walked by with a simple glance and continued on their way. I've posted some pictures from today's prototype in front of the UArts Terra building.

myFace: Interactive Art For Those With Faces

myFace is an interactive art piece I've been working on. It's been prototyped on the industrial design department's welcome screen and is now on display to the entrance of Terra Hall. More videos and pictures to come.

My motivation was to create an art piece that evolves and grows with each passing observer. I had also hoped to reveal people's emotional states when they do not have control over how they are perceived - an intrusive concept in this day of editable text messages and emails. This art piece has had a polarizing effect on its observers. One group refuses to step into the space where interaction occurs and the other group can't seem to leave that space. At the same time, this piece imbues the space in front of the screen with a digital memory, allowing observers to know who has passed through the space.