Philly Internet/Tech Startup Ecosystem Visualized - Version 3

To make sense of the research I've been doing, I've visualized my current understanding of the internet/tech startup ecosystem in Philadelphia. The visual is specific to early stage internet/tech startups and the players that interact with those types of startups.

The current visual is my third iteration, I realize it's still incomplete, but I feel that I've roughly captured the relationships between the different players involved in the ecosystem. Thoughts and feedback are greatly appreciated.

If you want to start a discussion, please leave a comment or get into contact with me via the about page.


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UArts Edge Magazine - Electrofolksonomy

Some work from two semester's ago has made it into the UArts Edge Magazine, check it out!

It was the result of a project Slavko and I did together, Electrofolksonomy, which was also demo'd at the Museum and the Web conference in 2011. You can read the article in full screen here.

MiD at the AIA Center for Architecture Philadelphia

Working with Alaina, LonnieKelly, and Tian last semester with Liberty Resources as our client, our design work has gone on display at the AIA Center for Architecture in Philadelphia. The Center is having its annual "Green, Urban, Glocal", which features student work. The work of several graduate industrial design students, including the previously mentioned and myself, and several undergrad industrial design students from UArts are on display. The work will be up between February 6th and March 7th, 2012, so go check it out!

MiD has had an ongoing relationship with Liberty Resources over the past year and a half to two years. If it wasn't for the work of people like Jake Wells, Matt van der Tuyn, Sara Hall, Michael Barakat, and Matt Miller, we would not have been able to accomplish what's on display at the Center.