Electrofolksonomy: Museum and the Web Conference 2011

Electrofolksonogram (EFG) is the fusion of electroencephalogram (EEG), which is a device that measures brain waves, and folksonomy, which is a collaborative method to categorize content.

The EFG adds a new layer of information by recording the user’s engagement, excitement, and opinion about a particular piece of art. As a proof of concept displaying the potential applications of the Emotiv EEG, the data gathered from the EFG can be turned into a database in order to find correlations amongst large populations of people and to better cater to museum goers.

This was a collaborative project between:
Slavko Milekic M.D., Ph.D.
Benjamin Farahmand


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  2. Did you use a BCI in this project?? awesome concept, love your work. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks! Yeah, I'm using the emotiv epoc to read people's brainwaves.

  4. Hi again Benjamin, i'm currently working with the emotiv epoc we have the student version, and one project in which we are currently working is in an interface which will help to train an haptic control to help people recover normal movement on their hand or any other extremity, by remembering how they use to move.
    A professor told us, we need to capture those brainwaves an mapped them to specific patter of servos in our system, and that BCI platforms will help us achieve that.
    Is there any advice you can give me or orientation.

    Thanks on advance, also i've recently notice you have work for IDEO i've always dreamed on working with them congrats you are a great inspiration.