Philly Internet/Tech Startup Ecosystem Visualized - Version 3

To make sense of the research I've been doing, I've visualized my current understanding of the internet/tech startup ecosystem in Philadelphia. The visual is specific to early stage internet/tech startups and the players that interact with those types of startups.

The current visual is my third iteration, I realize it's still incomplete, but I feel that I've roughly captured the relationships between the different players involved in the ecosystem. Thoughts and feedback are greatly appreciated.

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  1. I think that you've misqualified Indy Hall as a workspace, it's actually a community. The workspace is just one of the tools our community has co-created.

    While there's a financial transaction to keep our business growing as a community resource, we're far more interested in people and participation than providing workspace for startups or companies. There are startups at Indy Hall, but I think a different style and/or focus than the ones you've designed your chart around.

    I'd also attest that experienced entrepreneurs aren't leaving the ecosystem - but instead that there aren't many experienced high-tech entrepreneurs in the first place, let alone ones that are leaving.

  2. Yo Ben, I think considering our efforts to build community by publishing daily news content about the scene and also organizing annually Philly Tech Week [], it would be nice to see Technically Philly [] on this list! :)