Tutorial: Using YouTube Data API in Processing

I recently used the YouTube Data API in Processing for an art project. The playlist below is the result of creating a physical booth people can enter, which then automatically uploads to YouTube.

I've outlined the necessary steps to make the YouTube Data API work in Processing 2.0b5 or 2.0b6 in Windows 7 64 bit.

A few items you'll have to take of before you begin:
1. Create a YouTube Developer Account.
2. Create a developer key specific to your project. You can do so here.
3. Download the YouTube API jars. You can down the jars at my github repo for this project.
4. Check out the processing files demonstrating how youtube data api connects and uploads videos automagically.
5. Post questions in the comment section if you have any.

The code below is the part that's uploading the video. You'll notice I'm extending the thread class because I wanted the Youtube video to upload on its own without running in the main draw thread.

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