My Brain and Nervous System

I've been continuing my work with the Franklin Institute further developing applications for the Kinect. One possible application is a projection of the nervous system on to the human body while also delivering content about the brain to the user.


  1. I really like that idea. We have a childrens museum here called Hands on Museum. (annarbor. It would be great to get this implemented there. Let me know if you want a direct contact or would like to collaborate on this!



  2. Thanks! At the moment I'm completely swamped with thesis work, my internship, and other school work. I probably won't have time until summer to start a new project. But that being said, I can still share my source code if you're interested in doing this. I saw your project, the Kinect Puppet, which probably employs similar strategies.

    I did the entire thing in processing. It runs slowly, especially when more than one user gets into the scene. I've been meaning to sit down and figure out how to run each user in a separate thread, so I can take advantage of multi-core processors. And on top of that, there's the issue with drawing to the screen from multiple threads, so I think each user thread needs to draw to a graphics buffer, which then updates the screen even if there's missing information from each thread... And I'm still not sure what will happen when I start requesting information from the Kinect from multiple threads...

    What are your thoughts?