Rational Intuition by Professor Todd Landman

A year and a half ago I wrote a philosophic essay on intuition and thinking, which I just learned is also an area of study that interests Professor Todd Landman. As he talks about decision making, I'm reminded of collaborative environments I've worked in, and the role the space may play in creating a collective subconscious that may unify individuals working in that space. He presents a few examples of opponents that occupy the same space. As the opponents fight over and over again, they end up cooperating and the fighting stops. I'm curious how comparing the collaborative group space and the inherent paradoxes in group life may present a model for the fighting that may occur between enemies that occupy the same space. This line of thinking brings me to question the nature of space and what it means for a group or multiple groups of people to occupy a certain space. I'll gather more of my thoughts and write it out once I finish my thesis...

Until then, enjoy the following video about rational intuition. More videos can be found on The RSA's archives of talks.

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