Robotic Telepresence via Skype and Face Tracking with OpenCV

A few months ago I hooked up the robotic head I built to Skype. I called up my brother in Los Angeles and had him control it with his head. Based upon where he was looking and turning his head, the robotic head would then match his head motions. By permitting the user to control the robotic head with their head, the goal has been to create a natural user interface. Furthermore, the user sees through the robots perspective, making the interaction feel natural. Connecting these two technologies, Skype and robotic telepresence, people may converse while also fully engaging in the environment.


  1. Hi, I'm working on a face tracking robot with OpenCV and Arduino, can you please tell me how to hook this up to Skype or Gmail video?

  2. Does the tutorial I made at the following link answer your questions?