Request for Mentoring

The Request for Mentoring (RFM) is designed to save time for the mentor. While interviewing mentors, one of the problems that surfaced during the interaction between mentor and entrepreneur is the large amount of time a mentoring session takes up.

The RFM is based upon the mentoring pattern observed during mentoring sessions. The most important takeaway that applies to the RFM from the observations is the repetitive structure of mentoring conversations. Taking this pattern and making a form around it means that the entrepreneur may now communicate germane information to the mentor ahead of their meeting. Imagine a patient's form a doctor looks at as she determines where she should apply her medical expertise. The metaphor is the same – except that the startup isn't a sick patient...

Currently, the RFM is in the process of being applied to mentoring sessions to test out how much time is actually saved when the entrepreneur fills information in advance.

You can see and read about the various iterations of the RFM at their respective links:

Iteration One

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