A Mentoring Pattern Discovered

A pattern surfaced while observing mentoring sessions. Irregardless of the strategic area being discussed, I discovered that the flow of conversations between mentor and entrepreneur unfolded the same way. The conversation followed a four step process: strategic area, known facts and data, tried and tested strategies, and possible scenarios. For example, one mentoring session I observed, the entrepreneur was asking about when to raise funds. The mentor then narrowed in on how the entrepreneur had acquired their current customers - that the entrepreneur's father was a doctor at a certain hospital, and they leveraged his connections to beta test an app. After discussing strategies and data they had acquired while beta testing the app, the mentor walked the entrepreneur through a series of possible outcomes based on assumptions of how quickly they can acquire customers.
This newly discovered pattern can be leveraged to save time for both mentors and entrepreneurs. One application of this pattern is to prefill some of the information ahead of time so that the mentor can quickly aid the entrepreneur in building possible scenarios.

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