Eye Tracking Interactive - Iteration 2

The eye tracking interactive teaches kids and adults that their brain is hardwired to look for faces, motion, and changes in color. It accomplishes this experience by showing them a short video followed by the same video with an overlay of where they were looking.

The first version of the eye tracking interactive went through user testing and a few changes had to be made to help the user calibrate with the eye tracker. A problem I was facing with the eye tracker is to make it accessible for children and adults - dealing with their various heights. The first version was using face tracking to estimate where the persons face was in three-dimensional space, but this proved to be tricky since people continued to move after they calibrated. The removal of the face tracking system and an addition of a pair of eye-glass frames proved to be an easier way to keep people's head still while they were watching the video. Furthermore, the eye-glass frames conveyed the information that the user's eyes are being used to interact with the interactive. The following images and video show the changes made to the interactive.