Second Round of Interviews: Tangible Interviews

Having created a map of the ecosystem, I then went on to capture the deeper perspectives of individuals within the ecosystem. Borrowing concepts from cognitive science and its role in structuring effective interactions, a strategy I developed for creating an engaging interview is the tangible interview.

The concept behind the tangible interview is to enable the interviewee to physically represent information. The interviewee not only talks about the information, but can also see it and feel it. The tangible interview permits a better “grasp” of the information being communicated.

I think the effectiveness of the tangible interviews lies in its ability to create an existing structure for the information. Thinking about a question and answer survey of a typical interview is one way to structure the output of information; however, verbal communication limits the bandwidth of information that may be transfered. Furthermore, verbal communication also limits the types of individuals that may effectively convey what they actually mean by certain words.

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