First Round of Interviews: Aliza

Aliza graduated from the University of Delaware in 1999 with a degree in psychology. She’s self-taught in design and html, and then began freelancing. She currently wants to start her own co-working space for parents, where parents can have their children taken care of while the parents work.

Her first experience with start-ups was “Start-up X”, right out of college (The start-ups name has been omitted upon request). They grew too quickly, had to layoff people, and then were acquired.

In her experience, design is an after-thought for the more inexperienced entrepreneurs. She says they see design as a way to make something presentable at the final stage.

She has dealt with the paradox for the need of equal ownership of the work that’s being done while also balancing the need to have one or two people be the final decision-makers. In essence, it’s about team dynamics.

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