First Round of Interviews: Yuriy

Yuriy grew up in the infrastructure world, and wound up in wirelress infrastructure, cable TV, and his entire career was a series of networking encounters. He’s never applied for a job, he’s either created a company or made his own job position at a company – and he feels like it’s a divergent career path than most. to be the things that actually make the tools work.

He is currently working with an incubator in center city Philadelphia, Seed Philly. He’s personally interested in this incubator in order to break down the silos, which he thinks are age and geography. The reason age is creating silos is because the older generation isn’t talking to the newer generation, and this generational gap is creating a lack of communication. He believes that creating a space will create room for dialogue to occur and for experiences to be shared. The reason he thinks that geography is another silo is because he has observed that the internet start-ups in northern liberties don’t communicate to the service providers and lawyers in center city who don’t communicate to the science center. He explains the reason that Seed Philly is located at 1650 arch is because it’s centrally located and it has easy access from all directions by regional rail.

He also believes that the problem in Philadelphia for startups is the lack of investment funds. He thinks that the older institutions in Philadelphia are not fostering innovation and that by creating a space like Seed Philly, they’ll break down barriers and nurture innovation.

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