First Round of Interviews: Todd

Todd is the founder of Philly Side Arts, and he’s currently concerned with the replicability of a business model he’s been refining over the past year. Philly Side Arts is a service that helps artists to reach an audience they normally wouldn’t and sell their work to people that want it. His startup has had some traction and has seen growth over the past year, but now he is trying to figure out how he can reproduce the real world validation he has had in Philadelphia to different cities. And along side replicating a business model, he is concerned with how to attract users vs paying users so his business may prosper and continue to grow. To accomplish this, he uses google forms, direct interviews, and survey monkey to get user feedback to further refine Philly Side Arts. He has also figured out after doing all these surveys and interviews that there’s really three important questions he should be asking: Why would you use our service? What would make you switch from another provider to use our service? Why wouldn’t you switch? These three questions helped narrow down his value proposition

When he first started his business, he had between ten to fifteen different value propositions, and it took him about three months to narrow it down to three specific areas: allowing the users of his service to retain as much profit while selling through the site, allowing users to sell as much as they can, allowing users to be able to reach an audience they wouldn’t normally reach.

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