First Round of Interviews: David

David is a graduate of UPenn in computer science. He is a cofounder with Jameel of a startup called Inhabi. Inhabi is a rental matching service. Essentially, they match a list of renters to a list of landlords and facilitate the conversation through their website.

At the moment, he’s concerned with how to track metrics and what types of metrics to track because he thinks a lot about how to set up an experiment such that the outcome can be measured for their website. Regarding Inhabi, he wants to understand two major things: the cost of acquisition of a new customers, and the lifetime value of that customer.

Inhabi has been having traction and has had a few customers. However, he’s trying to figure out how to replicate this success by pin-pointing the variable that allowed for the customers to use Inhabi’s service. He thinks setting up the right type of experiment and knowing what to measure will reveal why these early customers used their service.

When asked about the role of the designer and when a designer should become involved, he believes the designer should get involved on behalf of the venture capitalist, act as an intermediary between the startup and the venture capitalist, and ensure the startup has an effective user experience.

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