First Round of Interviews: Evgeny

Evgeny is 23 years old, a recent graduate of Drexel’s MBA school and also studied finance. He’s also does photography as a hobby. He currently works at Energy Plus Holdings LLC – the “energy business” as he describes it. He feels that working in this kind of environment, the cubicle environment, is better for people who work alone and the individualist personality type. Even though he was born in Ukraine, which is a communal society, he was raised in America and is individualistic. He strives to be a jack of all trades, yet he knows he can’t do everything alone and he struggles with this paradox.

Evgeny is one of the co-founders, Aaron being the other, of Fit of Passion. Monday and Tuesday evenings, him and Aaron spend time programming and developing Fit of Passion. For the two of them this is their first start-up. He believes that the personality of the company should not reflect the personality of the founders, but instead should reflect the personality of the team. Even though he’s best at working as an individual, he’s had to separate responsibilities between him and his co-founder because it’s difficult for him to split his mind on several tasks – another paradox as he strives to be a jack of all trades.

He believes that a successful start-up isn’t one that can receive funding from a venture capitalist or become cash flow positive, instead a successful start-up is one that has a positive impact on people’s lives. He believes that a successful start-up is a start-up that provides a useful and beneficial service or product to the consumer while also being better, easier, and simpler. The reason he wants to be an entrepreneur is to save people time and to decrease people’s worries as they go clothes shopping both in store and online.

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