First Round of Interviews: Jonny

Jonny works with startup teams to make sure they understand their value proposition. He’s had experience working with about twelve startups, and he’s worked with ten of them for free and two of them have paid.

Currently, he’s working with an incubator, Alphalab. He believes he could be helpful earlier in a startups life, but Alphalab said he should come in a few weeks before demo-day, the day that they pitch to investors and aid the startup in visually enhancing their pitches. When working in this context, his allegiance is to the startup as opposed to the venture capitalist (VC).

He’s turning his visual thinking service into a consulting business and wants to create an illustrated guide to starting a business. He knows there’s a large market in creating visual animations and thinks he can reach out to a niche market with his visual thinking service. On one plane ride, he was talking to an experienced entrepreneur, visualizing what he does, and the experienced entrepreneur said he can be hired by VCs to help their companies because it’s good for the VCs if their companies succeed. He’s interested in what and how VC’s think, but he hasn’t worked directly with them yet.

He has observed that most startups aren’t really going and understanding the value they’re bringing their customer, so he helps them build metaphors for effective communication.

He likes to work with start-ups because he gets to meet everyone, “it’s exciting, they’re real people, they’re probably going to fail, but I can probably help them, even if a little.”

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